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How badly should you keep a secret...?

Young lawyer Holly Park is hired to defend a teenager girl named Naomi Linser - charged with murder in the stabbing death of the local Councilman at a gritty Koreatown "room salon". The media already has its hands full and everyone is taking sides. But as Holly digs into the case, she uncovers dark secrets that could test loyalties and relationships, and destroy careers and lives.  

K-Town Confidential accurately depicts the classes and struggles of Korean-Americans, from the upper class elite, to the decrepit and dank underbelly, and wraps ancient Korean lore and legends around an intricate tapestry of modern murder, deceit, and ultimately justice.

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Claire Kim and Brad Chisholm are a thriving, dynamic writing duo. How could they not be? She’s an attorney who’s handled cases like human trafficking, removal of criminal aliens, and sex crimes on the state, local, and even federal level. He’s a retired, award-winning expert in advertising campaigns for print and television.  Together they have created "K-Town Confidential", a stunning, plot-twisting fiction novel filled with events ripped straight from the seedy, all-too-real city streets of Koreatown in Los Angeles.

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•  “...a  riveting legal thriller”  

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•  “...an emotional roller-coaster.”


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•  “...a captivating, suspenseful and sexy journey.”


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